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Crowd Radar

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Crowd Radar

On Crowd Radar we believe that the 5 stars system could be better. Imagine for a second, why do we go to the doctor? Because we feel sick, right? Well, the same goes for this system. We believe most of reviews are about bad and isolated situations. Sadly, it is not common for someone to write review because they had a good time (we don't say there aren't), just like we never go to the doctor when we feel good. This shouldn’t completely set the quality of a place.

Whether you're looking for the most popular nightclub, the best taco shop or a calm coffee place, Crowd Radar is the perfect city guide for you. Just open the app and start exploring trendy locations around you.

Is the bar you're in going crazy with 2x1 drinks? Want to invite all campus to the frat party? Share it in seconds with Crowd Radar!

Own a business in town? Promote your services by asking clients to share their location with Crowd Radar.

• Don't worry, we have you covered. Use Crowd Radar to avoid concurred places and enjoy a lovely and quiet evening

• Explore and share places around the city all anonymous
• Locations expire after approximately 24 hours

• No sign ups. Yes! no emails, no usernames and no passwords
• No third-party sign ins, no 2FAs
• Keep forgetting to share your location? We'll help you! Enable location services and be part of this new network.

• Two-step process to share your location with your Apple Watch

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Logo and personality design - José Luis Chávez Dominic

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Fernando Reynoso