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Nano Earth Pro

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Nano Earth Pro

Amazing professional weather app!
Nano Earth provides you with a wide range of accurate weather conditions on a global scale, and you can accurately obtain a variety of professional meteorological values ​​at any time and any place. On this basis, Nano Earth uses a global real simulation model, so that you can put the earth in your pocket and watch it anytime, anywhere

Features include:

View global meteorological values, accurate values ​​with an accuracy of up to 0.25 °, and calculated values ​​from any AI engine in the world.

Real-time dynamic display of meteorological values ​​based on the position of the earth's rotation by finger operation

A wide range of meteorological categories, including cloud cover, temperature, humidity, wind, somatosensory temperature, dew point temperature, thickness of the ozone layer and more species that continue to increase

Weather information updated to the minute, you can always see real-time data changes

Integrate cloud map data from global weather satellites, cloud layer dynamic display, you can view the latest changes in global cloud patterns, tropical storms and hurricanes

Sunrise and sunset times

Real-time reflection of changes in snow and earth cover and changes in vegetation throughout the year

The location of the billions of stars that accompany the Earth is accurately displayed in real time
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