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RecMan Employee

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RecMan Employee

The RecMan Employee app is an easy, effective way to manage your work activities with employers that use the RecMan system.
Every part of the web experience in RecMan has been reworked and enhanced for mobile devices to make it easy for you to use RecMan Employee while you’re on the job. When you use Employee, you can handle administrative tasks on the spot, saving you time and effort later. Your work data syncs safely between the Employee app and the RecMan system.


If you have an existing work schedule, logging your hours is as simple as swiping to the right. Of course, if you worked at times outside of your set schedule, you always have full flexibility to modify shifts.
You can see previously logged work and all your paychecks using Employee’s robust reporting functionality.

You can set your availability, log vacations, accept or decline shift requests, and even create shifts. All your activities are displayed in the calendar, letting you easily see your entire schedule.

Use the work timer to track your time worked with ease and precision. The built-in location tracking in iOS means you can even set reminders to start the timer when you approach the workplace and stop the timer when you leave.

With the messaging module, you can communicate with your manager and other contacts from within the app.

Easily scan and log your receipts in the app for approval by your employer.

The home screen highlights important notifications and keeps your current activities all in one place. For example, you can log work, review unsigned agreements, accept or decline shift requests, etc.

Create and share your own documents, or view shared documents such as an employee handbook.

Keep your profile updated, and add relevant information.

By allowing RecMan Employee to use the location of your device, you can set your custom job location and receive time tracking reminders.

Do you have more than one employer using the RecMan system? No problem! With the multi-login feature, you can easily switch between them within the app.

NOTE: This app requires an existing user account in RecMan. Your employer must use
RecMan, and must also have activated support for the RecMan mobile app. If you are unsure if your employer has activated the mobile app module, please contact your employer directly.

About RecMan
RecMan is an IT system for the recruitment, ATS, and staffing industry. It uses modern technology to make the workday better for hundreds of thousands of people.
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