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my File Manager lite

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my File Manager lite

My File Manager allows to store, view and manage files on your iPhone or iPad. Transfer files from your PC and other applications, such as mail. It also allows you to download files, access your accounts in the cloud, import photos and videos from the library and much more...

A professional file manager that allows to visualize images, documents, pdf or edit text files. Web Browser with multiple tabs, Bookmarks and more... Play audio and create playlists, also play mp4, avi, mkv… open and extract ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP and much more...

Main Features:

• Save files
- Import files from other applications and email attachments.
- Transfer files from your computer via Web or FTP, iTunes, cloud services, webDAV or Windows, Mac, NAS or Linux file shares. (smb2 and smb3)
- Protects access to the application.

• Compression tools
- Visualize and decompress zip, rar and 7zip files, also password protected.
- Make new ZIP archives with the stored files, also password protected.

• File Manager
- List of files with thumbnails of images, video and audio.
- Open, Rename, Move, Delete, Create Folder, sort files,...
- Save and import photos and videos from library with the original quality and keeping the details of the images.

• Documents
- Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Numbers, Pages, text: .rtf, .txt, ...
- PDF viewer with paging and zoom.
- Includes image viewer.
- Text editor with syntax coloring, printing and support for multiple encodings: c, h, txt, html, php, perl, python.

• Multimedia
- Complete audio player with equalizer and playlists. Organize your audio files.
- Video player that supports: avi, divx, wmv, mpg, mkv, xvid, flv, mov, mp4, m4v, 3gp. In addition to avi files support srt subtitles and audio track selection.

• Access the cloud
- Access your Dropbox, Mega, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega or WebDAV accounts from a single app.
- Manage and view files, download or upload folders.
- sync folders automatically.

Some features that can be purchased on a one-time payment and you can restore them on other devices.

An essential app!
Silvia Rivero