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Glucose Watch

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Glucose Watch

Glucose Watch app is a watch standalone and colour coded app that allows to track glucose, blood-pressure, nutrition facts such as calories, carbs, fat, fiber, protein, cholesterol, sodium and water; activity such as sleep, steps, exercise stored in Health app or Nutrition+ app via Health integration or account integration.

Allows to add quickly water to Health and Nutrition+ app

App allows to register by voice and/or read stored glucose, blood pressure, nutrition and activity then it displays them with colour coded digits making easy and intuitive readings base on entered personal limits on the watch. User has the option to read data from iPhone health only or integrate the app to to stored over-there the levels limits.

App allows to customize a filled or ring gauge complication on the watch screen to displays the latest stored level of your preference, the app automatically syncs the latest levels keeping the complication updated.

Main screen main button allows to display one by one all the readings as well, it will display in blue or green when are good and on red when are exceeded their respective customized limits.

Allows to read weight and height stored in the iPhone health user account to calculate and store back the respective body mass index BMI.

Allows to display bar and line charts with a month of glucose readings to see the trends or it shows nutrition facts rings to show your current calories, carbs, fat, fiber, cholesterol, protein, sodium and water level anytime just looking at your Apple watch screen.

Allows to create custom notifications to ask the user to enter or read the glucose readings.

Notifies about high levels of glucose or high/low levels of nutrition facts, also advises by voice when app is active.

In order the app to be able to read data from the iPhone health, the user has to setup an account on the health app or web site.
Edison Cuenca