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Drop All Stone

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Drop All Stone

A game designed for Apple Watch in which you take advantage of the stones. A game only possible on the watch that takes advantages of its unique features. The iPhone is used to buy more stone and get more information about this game while the Apple Watch is used to play this game. Sorry if you have no iPhone and Apple Watch, this game is not for you.

Stones which is used for dropping that should be purchased separately in your iPhone. Specifically, user has to purchase stones to be able to play this game from iPhone firstly then they could send stones to Apple Watch and play game immediately.

Drop the stones in different position, when you start meeting the correct position it means you are getting close to success. The higher the height, the more difficult it is to drop stones.

Make one wrong position, it's game over.

Stone is very precious because it should be purchased from your iPhone. However, the game did not cost any stone if you win while cost one stone each time if you loss.
Ruan zhenping