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ETF Fitness Workout Companion®

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ETF Fitness Workout Companion®

Track your Eat the Frog (ETF) heart rate zones and frog points for every workout, all in real-time on your Apple Watch with the ETF Fitness Workout Companion®.

Co-founded by Olympic Decathlon Gold & Silver Medalist Bryan Clay, ETF Fitness is a new fitness training concept born from decades of elite, science-based athletic training and expert knowledge of the fitness industry.

The ETF Variable Intensity Performance (VIP) Training is an efficient fat burning, endurance gaining, strength building program. To train effectively, we identify a member’s max heart rate so they can appropriately train in customized zones, producing training effects with greater results.

VIP is a type of training in which you alternate periods of high, medium, and low intensity. This method will increase fitness, build strength, and burn calories. This app is intended to be used during an ETF training session to provide real-time workout feedback on your Apple Watch.

Achieve your Frog Points goal to maximize your training effectiveness and calorie burn. Seeing your zones in real-time on your Apple Watch provides great mid-workout motivation.

There are five zones in the ETF training model: Base, Maintenance, Capacity, Performance, and Peak. See each zone with a unique color as you train.

“Feel the buzz” - every time you earn a frog point, the watch will buzz with haptic feedback to let you know so you can just focus on your workout!

Whether you are looking to improve fitness, get stronger, or burn more calories through zone training, the Eat the Frog Fitness is the way to go and the ETF Fitness Workout Companion® can help you achieve those goals!

- See your heart rate zones in real-time
- Keep track of how many frog points you’re earning
- Track calories, duration, and heart rate
- See summaries of workout stats after every workout

Users can receive an (optional) email summary of every workout showing details stats such as calories burned, minutes in zones and frog points.

We value your privacy and never share or sell any user information.

- We read your biometrics from Apple Health for personalization
- We save your workout data to Apple Health
- All workouts count towards your Apple activity rings

This app requires a connected Apple Watch to function properly.

The ETF Fitness Workout Companion® is made by independent app company PK Fitness® Apps Inc.
Bred Ventures Inc