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Wrist Pipe

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Wrist Pipe

Never get caught without your pitch pipe again! Unlike other pitch pipe apps that just play a flat tone or midi instrument, Wrist Pipe features samples from a real pitch pipe for a natural tuning experience.

Show Your True Colors!
Wrist Pipe can be customized to match your style. So you can go for an understated look, match your pipe to your outfit, or show your pride!

No More Memorizing Pitches
Fumbling with a pitch pipe can slow down your performance. With Wrist Pipe, you can create a predefined set list. Then just tap the name of the song to hear the correct pitch!

Customize Your Experience
Don't want to turn off silent mode just to play a pitch? Don't want to use the digital crown to select a pitch? No Problem. Wrist Pipe has you covered with easy accessibility settings!

Wrist Pipe on your Watch Face
When a song strikes, you need a pitch as quickly as possible. Wrist Pipe's complications allow you to jump right into the app, and look good on any watch face!
David Freeman