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Catch [@] Camera

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Catch [@] Camera

Catch Сamera is a camera, data, and color management in one application. So now anyone can shoot ads, feature films, or videos for TikTok: the entire crew is already inside your iPhone.

We know what we're talking about because this App was initially developed to shoot an iPhone film. A unique project - a 5-hour long video filmed in the Hermitage in one take – shortlisted for the Cannes Lions, the most prestigious advertising festival in the World.
Another ambitious project, created with the help of Catch, is the original mini-series "Tenderness" with Konstantin Khabensky, Victoria Isakova, and Evgeny Tsyganov. It broke all viewer records on IVI, garnering over 4 million views in the fall of 2020.

Try Catch Camera yourself - download the App and create masterpieces without leaving your iPhone.

• Full control with Apple Watch
Changing white balance, ISO, and more while shooting has never been easier. If your phone is on a tripod and you don't have access to the screen, Catch lets you adjust everything remotely and tactilely by turning the Apple Watch crown.

Focus, exposure, white balance and zoom, HDR support and optical stabilization, 4K recording, Apple ProRes and bitrate control - all the necessary settings and tools for implementation ideas and high-quality images.

• The filming process is easier and more enjoyable
You can shoot on one phone or several at the same time and control the process from another device - a laptop or watch. You can smoothly switch between manual and automatic control; shift focus according to marks even without the new cinematic mode function.

• Styling is already here
Style the picture right here in the Catch camera. Support for 3D LUT presets in the open cube format allows you to quickly make a single non-destructive color scheme for the entire video, and also allows you to make use of millions of free ready-to-use luts.

• Into editing immediately after recording
The App provides auto-offload: videos can be wirelessly saved to your computer or hard drive after you stop recording. So, the footage will be available much faster, and you don't even need to touch the phone.

• Video broadcasting via NDI 5
The new NDI 5 standard has just arrived, but it is already working in our application. Shoot and broadcast live videos, mix live performances or use the App as a webcam with minimal latency.

*Not all functions available on older devices

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