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Heart Rate & Stress Monitor

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Heart Rate & Stress Monitor

Ultimate Health App:
- Measure your pulse & oxygen saturation using camera
- Blood Pressure record
- 40+ body data and 80+ gorgeous charts, such as body temperature, sleep cycle, hrv, blood oxygen, blood pressure, etc.
- Real-time monitoring of physical and mental health
- Exclusively provide psychological stress analysis, a must-have app for anxious people
- Track hydration and caffeine metabolism
- In-depth analysis of various health data (such as heart rate, blood pressure, HRV, etc.)
- Widgets & Watch App
- Support iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget

This App integrates various Apple Health data and provides a variety of intuitive charts. Allows you to more conveniently pay attention to your heart health, psychological pressure, and exercise status.
In addition, this App analyzes the health data of Apple Watch in real time and calculates psychological stress (exclusively available), so that you can pay attention to psychological stress in real time, relieve anxiety, and stay away from depression! A must for anxious people

1. Real-time heartbeat monitoring and psychological testing through Apple Watch and HealthKit
2. Quickly get the heart rate and psychological stress status of the day through widgets and Apple Watch
3. Get weekly/historical heart rate/stress/anxiety analysis level
3. You can intuitively see the proportion/change of heart rate at various levels every day, allowing you to better understand heart health/psychological stress status
4. Intuitively compare the heart rate of exercises without worrying about each specific exercise
5. Able to browse various health data trends in a weekly/monthly manner

1. This App will read the health data on your phone through HealthKit, including: heart rate, resting heart rate, activity energy, exercise, etc., and use these data to analyze the trend of your heart rate in various scenarios.
2. The graphs, data, etc. in this App are only for reference of heart rate data. It cannot give you professional health advice, nor can it replace professional doctors and instruments. If you feel that there is a problem with your health, please consult a professional doctor.
Wang Fan