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Octopus Watch

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Octopus Watch

Octopus Watch makes it easy to track prices of the Agile tariff provided by Octopus Energy on your iPhone, your iPad, or your Apple Watch. Use the app to save big on your electricity bill when you are on the Agile tariff, or use the app to see if Agile is the right choice for you.

Octopus Watch comes as a base app which provides you the essentials to save on Agile. With the flick of a slider or the turn of the digital crown you can find the cheapest slot to run any appliance or charge your EV. An easy graph and a sortable table show you the current and upcoming prices on Agile, and an easy History view keeps track of how much you saved every day. Essential statistics help you to figure out how Agile is working for you over longer periods of time. To see your history you need an active smart meter user and have an Octopus Energy account. Still deciding on whether to switch? Simply use your postcode instead to see the current rates and see how much you could be saving by switching to Agile.

Thanks to Family Sharing you can install the app on all devices within the same family. Install it on your iPhone for an easy pocket reference, run it from your iPad to see the beautiful rate graph and double column table, or see the current rate with a flick of your wrist with dozens of complications to choose from. The choice is yours!

Ready to turbocharge your savings?

Octopus Watch comes with an optional subscription that brings you 48h rate predictions, carbon intensity integration, and the ability to dig deep into your daily usage with personalised reports and more.

Rate predictions do exactly what they promise. Stop waiting until 4PM when new rates are released for the next day. Instead, at any time have access to predictions for the next 24h or 48h hours. The 24h predictions give you accurate estimates that you can rely on. Should you run that load of laundry at noon or wait until overnight? The rate predictions help you answer that question. The 48h predictions allow you to see even further so you can plan your day, and your usage, even better. Once again, it is your choice whether you want to pick the 24h or 48h predictions. Both are included in the subscription, and you can change as often as you want.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? The subscription provides deep integration of the carbon intensity data provided by the National Grid. For every upcoming half hour slot you can see both the regional and national CO2 impact. Want to be the most ecological? Use the easy slider to find the slot with the lowest carbon impact to run your appliances or charge your EV. And why not get into some friedly competition? Detailed usage reports can show your carbon impact over extended durations. See if you can beat friends and colleagues in achieving the lowest carbon impact!

If you love details, you are going to love the subscription. Every day in the History overview now gives you access to a detailed view of how your usage was for that day. For each half hour slot you can see your consumption and the effective rate. In addition, you get loads of other information such as your peak load, total cost, average unit rate, etc. You can also generate as many energy reports as you want, for periods up to 4 months long! Each energy report details your unit rate, standing charge, and CO2 impact. That's not all though. Each report also has easy indicators to show you at which times you used the most electricity, when you were the most flexible with your usage, whether your total cost and usage is stable or going up/down, and what your moveable energy is (that is, the amount of kWh you effectively move around to benefit from the best Agile prices).

Octopus Watch also tightly integrates with iOS and iPadOS with beautifully designed widgets to give you information at a glance, and Siri Shortcuts to communicate with the app using your voice. The choice - you guessed it - is yours!
Kim Bauters