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RugbyREF was developed by an Active Rugby Referee as a Practical On-Field Assistant with an Apple Watch and extended Sideline Management Function on an iPhone for Rugby Union (RugbyREF) Referees

The Mobile App (iPhone) is ideal for Team Managers, Score Keepers and Sideline Managers for either Scoring the Game on a Time-line sequence and/or Manage Substitutes and Cards Issued, whereas the Watch Functionality is intended to be easily used during the Game (On the Run).

Our aim is to ensure a user-friendly Practical & Functional Application to use during the game and record relevant game information. The BASIC (Free) Scoring Option allows for easy Setup and Scoring, similar to the watch functions, but does not include the watch extension.

RugbyREF Pro offers your Game Management in 3 easy steps:
1) Set up your Game Structure,
2) Define your Team Name & Colors, and
3) Score your Game on either iPhone/iPad or Apple Watch

SMARTPHONE (preferably iPhone 8 or later)
- Sideline Management allows Scoring on your Device, or
- View your Watch Sync Summary (send from your watch)
- Setup the TEAM NAMES and COLOURS (Quick or Custom)
- Set the GAME FORMAT for your GAME TIMER (Minutes)
- ADD SCORE (or Cards) by Tapping on either TEAM NAME.
- FOLLOW the Popup Prompts to capture the relevant Details.
- All ACTIONS are linked to your "Game-Timer" on a Timeline
- EACH HALF offers you a complete Overview of the Game

APPLE WATCH (Preferably Series 2 or later)
- Follow the prompts to Setup TEAM Names & Colors
- Select the relevant GAME TIME and START Your Game
- Timer can be Paused/Resume and will allow RESET once on "0:00"
- Add SCORE for each Team by tapping the "+" on Scoring (Red Line "-")
- Add CARDS (Yellow or Red) by tapping "ADD CARD" (limited to 8 p/game).
- The CARD Display includes a Yellow Countdown Timer (Sync with Game Clock)

Once the Game has been completed, you can Sync the Results back to your iPhone or just Screenshot the Results to Save in your Photos and send to your Union/Club via email or text.

This APP is Optimized for iPhone X (or later), using iOS-14 or later, but will work on some earlier iPhone 8 Models, Operating in Portrait-mode (only) and Incorporate Healthkit Elements for Background Haptic Feedback.

The APP continues to undergo extensive field-testing and ongoing practical assessment during the season and development based on feedback received. Please report any issues or suggestions on our (page) or email us on [email protected]

Like our FACEBOOK Page (My Rugby Ref) for News, Updates and Functionality (Tutorials) about the App, and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or issues.

Note that the App does not collect or store any personal information, or share any details to a third party - see our Privacy Policy
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