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We, at LightHause, offer individuals who seek personal growth a means for improving their general well-being.

We know it’s not easy to find time for ourselves in our busy schedules - so we identified a few key proven techniques and tools that can dramatically improve how we feel, view and handle common pain points in life, such as stress, career and relationship-related challenges.

We then divided these techniques and tools into small, engaging chunks.These chunks are easy to explore and enjoy on a daily basis, in just a few minutes a day - with the goal of making it easy to take small incremental steps on our path to grow mental resilience .

Our content is curated by top professionals, therapists, and researchers in the Behavioural Science field. Our experts have been working with individuals for decades helping people live better lives day-in and day-out.

The iPhone app is compatible with Apple Watch and displays heart rate data from Health app. The LightHause app for Apple Watch allows measuring your heart rate in real time on your wrist when indicated by the iPhone app.

In order to get a holistic experience, simply use your Apple Watchto track your heart rate when using the app. You'll then be able to know which activities keep you alerted, and which activities calms you down. you'll get a better understanding of how is it that you feel and experience.

We are very excited to share these lifelong learnings and make them available to you, right from your mobile device.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time with us, and grow in your own unique way.

LightHause team.


In app purchase and subscriptions:
Free users can upgrade their account and become premium subscribers for $9.99/ month, and be able to view and track their session history.

Subscription can be purchased through Apple's App Store.
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