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CONECTOZ are devices controlled by the App or voice command. Either way, the control is yours: customizing the light in your environment becomes an amazing experience. Talk to someone while you are away from home with the audio camera or even remotely operate equipment connected to the power outlet. Whether to bring comfort, convenience or safety this can be done in a whole new way through simplified automation!

With Conectoz you can:

• Remote control: Control your Conectoz products from anywhere in the world
• Have Unified Control: Control multiple devices with a single app
• Make a Schedule: Set the timer or calendar to perform various functions at predefined dates and times.
• Share devices: One-touch to share devices between family members or guests.
• Easily connect: Easily and quickly connect devices to the app
• Voice Control: Use Alexa or Google Assistant to control your connected products through speech.

Have a smart home with Conectoz products!
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