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Press & Rest Assured

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Press & Rest Assured

Press & Rest Assured simply provides a way of checking whether or not you locked all your doors and other objects, such as safes.

This app does not control any kind of automatic smart lock currently on the market. Instead, it provides a more affordable and more reliable alternative by assuring you that you, yourself, manually locked your doors or other objects with a key or combination.

This assurance is realized by displaying the date and time when you last locked your doors and other objects. All you have to do is press a button in the app or on your Apple Watch after locking a door or another object.

An optional (but highly recommended) ProximiPro proximity beacon, available on eBay, will remind you to open the app after you lock your door or other object.

If used properly, this app will provide you with peace of mind when you begin to have doubts, no matter where you are.

It is easy to use, just follow these three simple steps:

1) Lock your door or another object with a regular key or combination.

2) Open the app on either your iPhone or Apple Watch and press the lock button (the optional ProximiPro beacon will remind you to do this if mounted to or near your door or other object).  

3) Proceed with your day!  

Now you can check when you last locked your doors or other objects anytime, anywhere!
emmanuel Freeman