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Airrosti Remote Recovery

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Airrosti Remote Recovery

Airrosti Remote Recovery (ARR) is a convenient solution for Airrosti patients, incorporating the latest technologies, powered by Physio from PhysiApp®, to help our patients manage their remote treatment and exercise plan. To learn more about Airrosti Remote Recovery and how to get access to the Airrosti Remote Recovery App, please visit


• Conveniently complete the new injury intake process to begin your personalized treatment plan.
• View instructional videos and exercises as prescribed by your provider.
• Crystal clear and professionally narrated videos show you how to perform your exercises correctly.
• Once downloaded, access your videos even when you have no Internet access.
• Connect directly with your care team, ask questions, and receive ongoing support throughout your care program.
• Receive in-app reminders regarding your recovery plan to help keep you on track.
• ARR tracks your progress and feedback in real-time, allowing your provider to better support you based on clear outcome data.
• Receive real time updates directly from your care team with exercise modifications as needed to help you recover faster.

Airrosti is a health care group that employs and trains skilled providers who specialize in delivering high quality, outcome-based musculoskeletal care. The company’s strict adherence to quality care standards across their provider network significantly reduces costs and recovery times for patients and prevents unnecessary MRIs, pharmaceuticals, and surgeries. Along with injury recovery, many patients experience significant improvement in range of motion and flexibility. ARR patients receive personalized at-home care instruction, support from our care team, and an easy-to-follow recovery exercise program, all of which can be accessed directly through this convenient mobile app.
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