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Haptic Metronome

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Haptic Metronome

Haptic Metronome is a visual/haptic first digital metronome.
It pulses beats with both a visual reference and a haptic feedback pattern.
You can optionally switch on/off the audio.

It offers a very convenient and straightforward setup for your time signature, tempo (both by selecting a specific tempo, or using the Tap Tempo feature).
It is very easy to setup groupings of beats by enabling an *accent* per each beat so that it pulses stronger and creates the perfect pattern you need for your music.

It is currently available for iOS and iPadOS.
*I'm currently working on bringing the experience on watchOS and macOS*

Haptic Metronome supports Spotlight research, it exposes few presets to start a metronome with home screen quick actions.

It also supports handoff between the two platforms so that you can continue a session on the other device with the same settings you had set on the previous one.

Enjoy your playing!

And, please send me any kind of feedback at [Luca Strazzullo](mailto:[email protected])
luca strazzullo