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Succeed! is a new way to track your tasks and goals. It is designed for humans, not for robots.

We, as humans, have different moods and energy day-to-day. Our life is less stressful if daily tasks are selected accordingly. Try the smart morning planner to select tasks depending on your mood and deadlines.

Live a full and vibrant life whilst staying focused:
•Create up to 7 tasks for your day.
•Link with your Smartwatch to stay on top of your tasks and goals throughout the day.
•The welcome screen displays your goals at a glance.
•The app has an “execution timer” so you can break your tasks into intervals with short breaks.

Visualization is a powerful tool to help you stay on track. Succeed! helps you harness this power by utilizing photos and pictures to set goals. Tip: take a picture of yourself with your goal. Emotions help give us energy and boost motivation.

Our productivity depends on energy and feelings. You will reach more goals doing tasks at your own pace.

mikhail morozov