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Smoke for Steam

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Smoke for Steam

Smoke is an Apple Watch app that brings Steam, the online video game store, to the Apple Watch! It aims to provide a simple user experience that gives users access to key information and statistics from both their own and their friends accounts, as well as the Steam game store itself!

Here is what Smoke can do:
- View the games you own as well as your achievement statuses and total play time
- View the store information for the games you and your friends own (Price, review and player numbers, genre etc.)
- See if your friends are online and the games they have recently played
- Browse and search all the games Steam has to offer
- Save games to your phone to buy later*
- Find news articles for the games you own.
- Tap a news article to save it to your phone*
- Customise the iOS app by choosing the theme colour and changing the app icon*
- Share saved news articles with friends

Please note: Many of Smoke's features require you to have your Steam account set to Public. If you don't know how to change your account settings, Smoke provides a link to simplify the process! To view the account details of your friends, their account must be Public as well.

*Smoke Plus is required to use these features.

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Damien Sheridan