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Mana is a smart & stunning app that lets you know where you are in an instant.
If you're or on a trip or traveling to an unfamiliar area, you'll want this app as a companion. It lets you know your location, distance from home, and distance to your destination right on your watch faces.

••• Features •••
• Beautifully shows your current location on a map, also the name, locality, administrative area, country name, and address of that place.
• Track your distance from home. Letting you know how far have you travelled away from home.
• Set a destination, anywhere on earth. Mana will also track it, so you can imagine currently how close or how far you are from it.
• Watch Complications! Get all the information right on your watch face. It couldn’t get any simpler or easier.
• Mana supports any type of Complications on your Watch. So no matter what is your favorite watch face, you can utilize Mana on it.
• Screenshot Mana's beautiful UI to keep some memories or share them with your loved ones.

So download now and you'll find more interesting things while traveling. Guaranteed!
Daniel Widjaja