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Tennis Activity Tracker

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Tennis Activity Tracker

Out of the box it allows you to easily track your tennis activity. Tennis activity tracker app uses 12 different motion signals being captured every 0.02 sec. Our machine learning model has been trained to recognize in real time different tennis shots types:

- forehand(spin and slice)
- backhand(two handed spin, slice and single handed)
- serve
(*more shot types will be added in upcoming free updates)

In order to calculate ball shot and serve speed Tennis activity tracker app uses pre-trained regression model based on motion sensors data.

Tennis activity tracker app uses Health app integration to read and write data (heart rate, active calories and running distance) to manage your tennis workouts with extra possibility to get full shots statistics on each training period.

Tennis activity tracker app was written by players for players. That's why we do not have any paid subscriptions and locked functionality. We are just at the beginning and have a lot of plans. Stay tuned with us )

For the first release version Tennis activity tracker app will support only right handed players with Apple Watch wearing on right hand. In upcoming free releases we plan to extend our machine learning model to support left handed players as well.
Corban Dalas