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DuoCycle is a novel fitness app that tracks your rides with Apple Watch and shows all of your workout data live on iPhone. Your Apple Watch and iPhone working as a perfect Duo, designed with cyclists in mind.

With the Apple Watch app you can track your rides and see all interesting data at a glance. Heart Rate, Speed, Distance, Elapsed Time, Elevation Gain and much more. The interface has been designed with legibility in mind so that you get all necessary information at once. You can even switch view modes to see the data that's most important to you, first. It makes your Apple Watch a fully fledged Bike Computer.

But DuoCycle can do even more:

As soon as you take your iPhone with you during a ride, DuoCycle transforms it to a second screen. You don't have to look on your Apple Watch anymore during a ride, but see everything you need on your iPhone. This is not only convenient but also improves your road safety. You can see all the data your Apple Watch is tracking, live on your iPhone, and even more.

You can also see live charts of your recorded data, so you can see which parts of your ride were the hardest or the fastest thus far. And the map, which tracks your travelled route, ensures that you always know where you're going and where you came from. And of course, you can pause or end your workout from iPhone.

And after you're done with a workout, DuoCycle helps you to analyze your ride by not only providing accumulative data like maxes and averages, but also by showing you where on your ride a certain data point occurred.

DuoCycle has been developed to work seamlessly with Health, so all your DuoCycle rides not only fill your Activity Rings but also expose all the data you would expect from a fitness app, to Health. That makes comparing DuoCycle rides with other workouts, for example in the Fitness app, a breeze.

You can also share your rides by exporting them to the popular GPX format and sharing them however you want. You also have the option to upload your workouts directly to STRAVA®.

So in nutshell, DuoCycle:

* tracks your bicycle rides with Apple Watch and streams them live to your iPhone
* tracks your Heart Rate (Avg/Max), Calories, Speed (Avg/Max), Distance, Elapsed Time, Real Elapsed Time (w/out Pauses), Slope, Elevation Gain, Altitude on Apple Watch
* also tracks your Route and shows it on a map on iPhone
* shows your current course on iPhone
* provides live charts of your data on iPhone
* provides a standalone Stopwatch for individual Time Tracking on iPhone
* lets you control your Workout (Pause/Resume/Stop) on iPhone
* lets you thoroughly analyze and share your rides via GPX export
Patryk Pekala