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Day Blocks

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Day Blocks

We all have those big blocks of time in front of us sometimes. Whether it's a work day with few meetings on the calendar, a weekend day waiting to be enjoyed, or a critical meeting with a lot on the agenda.

But when you have a lot of time, it can get away from you when you're not paying attention.

Day Blocks lets you see exactly how much time you have in front of you as a budget, then lets you break it down into smaller blocks.

It shows you when you're over budget and need to cut some things out, and it shows you when you have a time surplus so you can do more than you thought.

Best of all, it lets you change your whole schedule with one tap. No more moving events around on a calendar because you had an interruption.

Just set the end of your day, add your blocks, and tap a block to get started. Move between blocks seamlessly as your plans inevitably change.
Samuel Foulger