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BoundaryCare Watch-Based GPS

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BoundaryCare Watch-Based GPS

BoundaryCare allows Caregivers with an iPhone to track the location and health of vulnerable Loved Ones equipped with an Apple Watch (requires GPS and cellular). Designed for monitoring those suffering from cognitive issues (like Alzheimer’s or other dementias, Autism, Down syndrome), BoundaryCare is the only real-time location-tracking app for iPhone and Apple Watch. BoundaryCare also relays vital health information (depending on the Apple Watch model) by integrating with the Watch's Health app and HealthKit, such as heart rate, real-time fall detection, and oxygen saturation levels. (Oxygen saturation levels can show respiratory issues related to such illnesses as COPD, pneumonia, and more.)

BoundaryCare sends regular notifications from the Loved One's Apple Watch to the Caregiver's iPhone. Alerts signal when the Loved One exits or enters a pre-defined safe zone, or when a fall is detected. Caregivers can check on the Loved One's status at any time via the BoundaryCare dashboard. Caregivers can also call the Loved One directly.

BoundaryCare supports many configurations. The Loved One's Apple Watch may be set up via Family Setup; it may be paired with the Loved One's own phone (relaying information to the Caregiver's phone); or it may be paired directly with the Caregiver's own phone.

Easy to use, the free version of BoundaryCare allows you to:

* View the location of your Loved One on a map
* Create a safe zone (geofencing technology)
* Call the Loved One with a single tap (two iPhone setup or Family Setup only)
* Receive notifications when a Loved One exits or enters the safe zone
* Verify that your Loved One is wearing their watch
* Receive loss of signal notifications (if Watch is out of service or power)
* View battery level on the Loved One’s watch
* Verify that your Loved One is wearing their watch
* Refresh location on demand

Upgrading to the BoundaryCare Premium (starting at $25/month after the free 2 week trial) also allows you to:

* Create multiple safe zones, which may be circles, polygons, or extended paths
* Track heart rate (all Apple Watches) and oxygen saturation levels (Apple Watch 6), and receive real-time fall alerts (Apple Watch 4, SE and above)
* Verify that your Loved One is wearing their watch
* Review the Loved One’s recent location history
* Add multiple Caregivers (up to seven) for a Loved One
* Launch emergency tracking for continuous monitoring
* Seamless handoff to Apple’s "Find My" app (for backup location tracking)

BoundaryCare works wherever there is GPS and cellular network or Wifi coverage.

Other technologies exist for providing GPS tracking, but they are expensive and limited -- and their battery may not make it through a single day. BoundaryCare uses high quality and stylish Apple technologies that many people already own and that serve many additional purposes. Using BoundaryCare requires the Caregiver to have an iPhone running a recent version of iOS. The Loved One needs an Apple Watch (Series 3, 4, 5, 6, or SE, with GPS and cellular, and with a cell service plan activated).

Using GPS and cellular technology, BoundaryCare will provide regular updates of your Loved One’s location at the interval the Caregiver selects (between 15 and 30 minutes), with swift alerts when the Loved One leaves or enters safe zones. Emergency Tracking updates location as frequently as every 30 seconds.


Terms of Service:

Disclaimer: Continued use of location services while the app is in the background can drain the battery. BoundaryCare will never sell or share your sensitive data.
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