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SUP Tracker

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SUP Tracker

SUP tracker is the ultimate app for logging your SUP trips and workouts.

Record your journeys with your iPhone or Apple Watch and keep track of the distance, speed, duration, and heart rate.

Keep track of your records like longest distance, most calories burned, best average speed and more.

See all your data in beautiful graphs and charts.
Add and customize your SUP boards and paddles to track their mileage, speed, and other stats.

Integration with Apple Health means your data is securely stored and ready to share and review. It also contributes to filling your Health rings.

- Accurately track your sessions
- Important metrics at a glance
- Integration with Apple Health
- Multiple configurable home widgets
- See your entire history
- SUP levels
- Equipment stats
- Detailed statistic and records view
- Build for Apple Watch
- Dynamic type and full accessibility support
Ziga Porenta