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Dash Timer

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Dash Timer

Dash Timer is a stopwatch and workout application elegantly combined into one robust and easy-to-use package. Designed specifically for Apple Watch.

It handles track workouts, intricate (or simple!) runs, and several other workout scenarios. It also includes an extensive set of extra features including auto-segment capabilities, a built-in athletic stopwatch, a starting pistol, timed haptics, physical button support, and more.

IMPORTANT: Rather than being designed for iPhone and then "watered down" for your wrist, Dash Timer was designed exclusively for the Apple Watch. An Apple Watch (with watchOS 6.0 or later) is required.

Stand-Out Features:

- SEVERAL WORKOUT MODES: Track & Field, Outdoor/Indoor Runs, Bike, HIIT, Strength, and Other.

- SAVED WORKOUTS: View previously saved workouts right on your wrist. You can explore custom notes, HR zones, stopwatch details, segment data, and other workout metrics for each workout.

- APPLE HEALTH: Completed workouts in Dash Timer count towards Apple Health's activity rings, trends, awards, and competitions. You can even share them with friends!

- BUILT-IN ATHLETIC STOPWATCH: Tap anywhere to start/stop the stopwatch, swipe down to reset, and swipe up to view/add laps. There’s never been a stopwatch built quite like this.

- COMPLICATIONS: Dash Timer's complications can launch the app from your favorite watch face and use a status ring (or text) to update you on the status of your workout. Depending on space, some complications can even show up to 3 workout metrics.

- NOTES: add custom workout notes to be saved with each workout. Describe how you felt, what you did, who you ran with, or anything else you can think of.

- MAP DATA: Outdoor runs and bike rides save map data to Apple Health on iPhone.

- TARGET HR ZONES: you can choose to view your Max Heart Rate % and the associated target heart rate zone during a workout. Then, see how much of your workout fell into each target heart rate zone.

- CUSTOMIZABLE DATA: Instantly toggle (before OR during a workout!) between total workout duration, current mile/km/segment time, or previous mile/km/segment split; current mi/km/segment pace, average pace overall, or current pace; total distance, lap distance, or elevation gain; and current heart rate, heart rate max %, target heart rate zones, or calories burned.

- MANUAL and AUTOMATIC SEGMENTS: add segments to runs and bike rides whenever you want, or customize a distance/duration in which they are automatically taken. Segments keep track of time, distance, and pace.

- PHYSICAL BUTTON SUPPORT: Control the stopwatch and your workout with the side button & Digital Crown. You can pause/resume or add laps/segments with ease.

- SAVE STOPWATCH ENTRIES: Stopwatch data can be saved to every workout. These are especially useful for T&F workouts, but can be saved to any workout type.

- TIMED HAPTICS: let Dash Timer’s built-in stopwatch tap your wrist (or beep) at custom intervals of time. Especially useful for T&F athletes, but weight lifters, CrossFit athletes, and others can use them as well. Time your rest intervals, sets, or individual reps. Keep track of when to change activities, be precise with EMOM workouts, and more.

- COMMAND STARTS: Dash Timer can give you starting commands and start the stopwatch when the pistol goes off.

- MUSIC CONTROLS: control your music, podcasts, or other audio right from within the app.

- DIGITAL CROWN SHORTCUTS: By default, the Digital Crown can instantly open the music player and the built-in athletic stopwatch. Customize this in settings.

- MORE: Please visit for more information and for any support you might need. Thank you for using Dash Timer!
David Voland