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HeartCloud Sync

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HeartCloud Sync

HeartCloud's iPhone and web apps offer powerful new ways to visualize the digital health, activity, and workout data on your iPhone, and then upload it all to the HeartCloud web app where you can do even more with it. This includes the ability to optionally share health data from your Apple Watch and other devices securely and privately with your doctor(s) using your HeartCloud account.

(1) HeartCloud Sync organizes your health and activity data and allows you sync that information to your web-based HeartCloud account for enhanced features.
(2) CHARTS: Visualize, on beautiful and interactive graphs, multiple types of health data (like blood pressure and resting heart rate readings together).
(2) TRENDS: In a few taps, see day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month trends to help you understand your health
(3) SEARCH: through your data by date and time, and see charts combining multiple health data categories.

(1) HeartCloud Sync organizes each workout session and workout type to let you drill down to examine the distance you walked/ran/cycled/swam; GPS/altitude data along a workout route; strokes per lap and each stroke's style; and more.
Understand your workout better via heart rate zones and post-workout heart rate recovery;
(2) Plot heart rate and zone information using a workout route's GPS points, giving you a color-coded health context for workout sessions;
(3) Once uploaded to your HeartCloud account, you have access to rich, interactive maps, with layers for 3D buildings, terrain, and satellite views; your workout route is highlighted with color-coded context for pace per mile, heart rate, or heart rate zone.
(4) HeartCloud provides a health context for each workout session, both during a workout (zones and heart rate vs. altitude) and afterwards (heart rate recovery).
(5) HeartCloud shows you trends between workouts, for both workout performance and health-related data, letting you see a myriad of measures, such as how many zones you reached and how long spent in each, and heart rate maximum and averages between workouts of the same type (ex: among several runs).

HeartCloud Sync supports extensive searching features for your Apple Health data:
(1) select any start and end date+time to examine trends and more;
(2) select a data type (e.g., resting heart rate) and a date range, to produce a graph and table showing week-to-week changes in quantity and percentage;
(3) select a start and end month+year (e.g., May 2019 - January 2020) to visualize longer-term changes in heart rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability; and
(4) pick a month+year to see a chart of day-to-day changes in active/resting energy burned, step count, exercise minutes, and move distance (runs, walks, swims, etc).

Your use of HeartCloud Sync and HeartCloud, Inc.'s web apps are governed by the terms of use provided here:

You can read our privacy policy here:

You can read about what data we ask for (and why), plus how we protect the information you upload here:

Note: HeartCloud Sync should be used to monitor and improve your general wellness and fitness, rather than to establish a clinical diagnosis, as that should be done by a licensed healthcare provider.
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