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Who does not dream of a beautiful body?
Men talk about strength, muscle relief. Women always lose weight.
But few people think about the price of this dream.
How much time, energy and will is required for this goal to become a reality...


This application is not about the state of your body now.
This app is about the state in which your body really wants to be.

Every day we overcome ourselves. We try to be better.
We solve problems. We set a goal.

The main principle of Aim’a is that nothing stands still, because everything is committed to change.

And these changes are right on your wrist.

Main information:

The human body on average consists of 70% water, 24% organic matter, 6% inorganic.

This application focuses on water-salt metabolism and the formation of organic matter in the body in such a way to more accurately achieve the result presented in the application.

The operation of this application consists of three main areas, called Elements, for calculating physical Power and its accompanying metabolism.

The effectiveness of Aim’a is to give a certain type of food to the body BEFORE the training session specified in the instruction on the clock.

For ease of calculation, the Power is divided into 10 points, which you get in accordance with the load performed. A clever indicator of your condition during training will tell you what to do to develop your body according to the direction you have chosen.


Aim'a is closely interacts with Apple Health app.

This application is a kind of “lifestyle workout” app which takes its opportunity to track your power of organism under different conditions and in different situations.

Version 0.9 is started with a simple workout process. Version 1.0 is under development and will open all aspects of this app.

Increase and keep fun.
Leonid Provorov