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Vibe connects unknown but likeminded people together, allows them to communicate via messaging and display their profile via an optional wearable display

Problems we solve

"I am missing out on meeting new likeminded people who are around me everyday"
"I want to show people around me what type of person I am, what I care about and become more visible"
"I am missing out on unseen opportunities which may be around me everyday"
"I want to overcome embarrassment and rejection when meeting new people"

Our Vision

To mend the social divide by getting people talking again

How it works

1. The Vibe App consists of BLE (Bluetooth LowEnergy) connection platform which searches for and connects to other Vibe App users where information can be exchanged.
2. The Vibe App can connect via BLE to an optional wearable Vibe display pin which can show a user’s own status. The Vibe app shows a user’s profile and interaction summary in a format that they can personalise.
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