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Start With Yoga

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Start With Yoga

- Perfect for beginners, simple and easy to follow
- Create your own routines and share them with your friends
- No subscriptions or in-app purchases
- Over 50 positions for you to create your own workouts
- Comes preset with 5 routines, which you can use, copy, edit and modify and share
- Simple visual guides to each position shown on your Apple Watch
- Works without your iPhone, complete routines using just your Apple Watch

About Start with Yoga
There are many types of yoga and many approaches to it. This app is inspired by the philosophy behind Hatha yoga, designed to create comfortable and steady body positions that allow control of the mind. Focus through each of the positions should be on breathing in order to unblock the mind and the body.

The positions or asana in the app are not too advanced, the intention is to bring simple postures that most beginners can practice to develop strength in their bodies but also to allow them to quieten their mind.

For those new to yoga, these positions should be able to be practiced without discomfort or strain. If you feel pain please stop. These positions should not be attempted by those who are pregnant or have joint or musculoskeletal problems, without consulting an experienced Yoga teacher or Doctor. When practising please clear a space free of furniture.

Start with Yoga uses Apple Health to manage your routines.
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