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CubeSmith is a cube magic tool exclusively for magicians. Please buy the app only if you already know what it is capable of!


Quotes from users:

"CubeSmith is the greatest piece of Rubik magic ever released."
Mark Elsdon

"CubeSmith has opened a new dimension in Cube Magic."
Rune Carlsen

"Benke has smashed the rubix cube genre into a new dimension, you literally need no cube experience to do miracles. Absolutely love this app!"
Kieron Johnson

"With CubeSmith you are no longer someone performing Rubik Cube tricks but a magician performing miracles to your audience and yourself. You can be blindfolded and still perform so many miracles with ease. This is as close to pure magic as it is possible to get. Well done Benke Smith CubeSmith for this absolutely amazing product."
Charlie Dent
Benke Smith