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Guitar Tuner

by 磊 潘
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Guitar Tuner

by 磊 潘
Epoch is a guitar, ukulele, and bass tuner with a built-in metronome, pitch detection, and practice tracking capabilities.

Basic Version (Free):

• Provides tuning for 12 notes between C4-B4 on a piano. During tuning, the indicator bar clearly shows the distance between the current note and the target note, and the frequency difference is displayed.
• Provides standard tuning for guitars. During tuning, manually select the string to tune, and the indicator will display different colors indicating if the pitch is too low (red), too high (blue), or in tune (green).
• Provides a basic metronome with four sound options. The rotating dial adjusts tempo and can be switched to different time signatures. A speaker icon in the top right corner allows you to switch sounds.
• Includes an Apple Watch version with tuning and metronome functionality.

Advanced Version (Paid):

• Provides tuning for all 88 piano notes. In automatic mode, it detects pitch accurately.
• Includes various common alternate guitar tunings such as Open D, Open G, as well as custom tuning with automatic string recognition.
• Customizes the number of beats played per metronome click.
• Offers practice tracking features including recording practice sessions, setting goals, and displaying practice data charts.
• Supports iCloud data syncing functionality.
磊 潘