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Watery App

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Watery App

Watery is a powerful tool to maintain your body healthy. Everyone needs to drink water during the day in order to stay well. Even water, however, needs to be drinked in the right way. Too much and/or too few drink of water could impact your overall wellness. You should drink regularly during the day avoiding as much as possible drinking a lot, few times a day. For all these reasons we created Watery.

Watery is your personal assistant for water intake. It will create a personal plan based on your habits and your current health status, remembering you to drink appropriately storing these informations on your iPhone and integrating seamlessly with Apple HealthKit™.

Thanks to a simple and easy to use interface you'll be notified when needed also on your Apple Watch if available.

A full set of complications specifically and hand made crafted will give your Apple Watch fresh and new tools to monitor your health.
Elisa Valeria Distefano