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Aichom is a solution created to help caregivers of the people who suffer from aging dementias (Alzheimer). This version of Aichom app is meant to introduce the invisible guard to the public and is completely free!

People with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s) suffer from memory impairments as well as experience changes in behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities - all which can lead to them getting lost, not being able to find the way back home and getting injured.

Aichom​ - a smartwatch app for people with dementia and their caregivers - ensures the security, wellbeing and the caregiver's peace of mind.

In the first version, Aichom app will have these features:

Real Time location-sharing - the caregiver or a family member will always be aware of the patient’s location
Notifications will alarm the caregiver or a family member if the patient crosses the pre-selected secure zone on the map

In the nearest fute, Aichom app will include additional features, which will ensure the patient safety even more:
- Health parameters
- Medication reminders
- Evidence-based information for dementia care
- AI-based behavioral analysis and meaningful predictions
- Location-based recommendations for dementia-related activities and events
- And more!

All in one app, bringing the state of security, wellbeing and caregiver’s peace of mind.

As 2020-2030 is the decade of healthy ageing, Aichom stands as a catalyst and empowers people with dementia and their family members, caregivers to apply innovative and efficient solutions to elderly care.
Aichomas, UAB