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Download the MORE TH>N REW>RDS app to browse and search offers across a number of shopping categories. Collect unlimited cash rewards into your MORE TH>N REW>RDS wallet, then redeem the total amount to help towards the cost of your renewal. 

• Earn cash rewards from thousands of brands you know and love – wherever you are
• Collect rewards when you make everyday purchases like groceries, clothing and utilities, as well as bigger purchases like a holiday, mobile phone or mortgage.
• Browse, search and discover all the available online offers, plus find those you can use when you’re out and about.
• Get notified when you earn a new cash reward.
• Track your progress towards reaching your target, to help pay for your policy renewal.

How it works
Online shopping

Earn cash rewards by shopping with our partners online. 

Just log on to the MORE TH>N REW>RDS website or app and search for the retailer or product you want. Then click on your chosen retailer’s offer to be taken to their website where you can complete your purchase as normal.

Your visit to MORE TH>N REW>RDS will be recorded and you’ll earn cash rewards on any eligible purchases you make.

Please note that cards may take up to 24 hours to register in our system.

OnCard shopping

Earn OnCard cash rewards when you’re shopping online and when you’re out and about, by registering your debit and credit cards.

Simply register up to 15 debit or credit cards to your MORE TH>N REW>RDS account and use them when you’re spending with OnCard partners online or in person.

OnCard offers are available in selected partners’ stores, restaurants and entertainment and leisure venues. Just use a registered debit or credit card to collect cash rewards when you spend.

You’ll collect cash rewards without even trying!

Top tips to earn more

Remember to check the MORE TH>N REW>RDS site before you shop for anything so you never miss a chance to collect cash rewards.

Always check the offer terms set out by each retailer, as there may be certain conditions that your purchase needs to meet in order to be eligible for cash rewards.

MORE TH>N REW>RDS is one of the ways we’re giving customers MORE – by helping you save towards the cost of your next year’s cover.

If you hold a live Home, Car or Pet policy with us (excluding MORE TH>N SM>RTWHEELS) join the programme for free at and start earning cash rewards from thousands of brands today!

Offers are subject to change. Offers displayed in screenshots are correct as of March 2019.
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