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Redbox Toolbox

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Redbox Toolbox

Gain an insight into your app’s ASO using the Toolbox.

The Toolbox is the perfect app for iOS Developers. It provides you with the tools required to create, test and analyze your metadata so you can improve your performance on the App Store.

Redbox Toolbox has been developed by Redbox Mobile - an ASO company with 7+ years of extensive experience optimizing app metadata for global brands. We’ve made the Toolbox completely free to download and use across iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS!

Get started with these key features:


App Overview: See key metrics such as ASO Score, ratings and rankings all in one place.

Metadata: View existing and prototype new metadata for your app. You can export a comparison and see how your app’s metadata stacks up against a competitor.

Keywords: View the number of times keywords have been seeded into metadata and reviews.

Rankings: See where your app ranks in any storefront around the world. Add competitors to see how they compare.

Creatives: View app icons, screenshots and preview videos across all platforms.

Ratings: View the star rating, a rating breakdown and most recent reviews.

Competitors: Add competitors to your app that you’d like to compare metadata or rankings against.

App Updates: View a list of the most recent app updates.

More Details: See additional information about an app such as its App ID, Developer Name & URL, whether it supports Apple Watch, Siri or Wallet and much more!


Storefront Switcher: Switch App Store storefronts to see if your app has been featured in another country or where it is ranking for specific keywords.

Metadata Prototype: Prototype metadata for an unreleased app on the App Store.

Column & Comma: Convert values in a table (column) to those separated by commas. Perfect for adding keywords to App Store Connect, the Redbox Platform or Apple Search Ads.

Combination Generator: Generate all the combinations for a list of keywords so you can view longtail keywords that you could be ranking for.

Top Charts: View the top 200 category rankings around the world.


Widgets: Add Toolbox widgets to view category rankings, switch storefronts and more all from your Home Screen.

Siri Shortcuts: Add one of the Toolbox Shortcuts in the Siri Shortcuts app to automate the process of viewing rankings, switching storefronts and more.

iCloud Syncing: Your favorite apps and settings will be saved across all of your Apple devices.

Apple Watch: Use the Toolbox app on your wrist to perform a quick app lookup and metadata analysis. Available to install even without the iOS app.

Multi-Window: You can open multiple Toolbox windows to compare apps or use multiple tools at the same time.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform common in-app actions.

Share Extension: Instantly open iOS apps from the App Store in Toolbox just by tapping the action button.

Messages Extension: Send stickers to contacts using the Messages app.

Dark Mode: If you have enabled Dark Mode on your device, Toolbox will switch to the Dark Mode version of the app.

App Icon: Toolbox offers a number of different custom app icons for you to choose from.

Settings: Customize the Toolbox to your taste with many different customization options.

Use the Toolbox to start optimizing your apps and analyze their progress.

Get in contact:

Email: [email protected]
Redbox Mobile PLC