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MKey Technology

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MKey Technology

The smartphone as a boarding pass, bank card and admission ticket: Nowadays, we are using our constant companion everywhere - so why not use it as a multifunctional key in a hotel?

The MKey Technology app lets you open doors at all participating hotel partners around the world securely, quickly and conveniently.

What are the benefits of MKey Technology?
+ Travel seamlessly: Find your room number, check-out time and date and many other information directly in the app!
+ No more searching: Your key is always at hand!
+ Easy access: Just swipe to unlock your door!
+ Sharing is caring: Share your key with your companions!

How does MKey Technology work?
1. Ask our partner hotels for a MKey code after booking your room.
2. You will receive a code by email, SMS, WhatsApp or directly from the staff.
3. Click on the link provided OR enter the code and your last name into the app manually.
4. Swipe to unlock and hold your smartphone to the lock of your hotel room.
5. Enter your room.

Easy right? :-)

And don't worry about your data! Everything is stored securly according to German data protection policies!
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