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About emCall
In an emergency, two things make a difference

1. Speed. 
In an emergency, emCall gets you medical or police help faster than any other service.

2. Information.
 emCall displays your medical information for first responders so they can focus on providing you the right treatments, right away.

How Does it Work?
- With emCall, your request for help goes directly to a 5-Diamond, professional monitoring center that has priority access to First Responders everywhere in the US
- The app instantly transmits who you are, where you are, and the kind of help you need
- Any underlying medical conditions, medications, or allergies that you've entered goes into our secure servers
- Additionally, they'll have your insurance information, doctors, and preferred hospitals
- The monitoring center can inform your emergency contacts
- emCall’s medical and panic alarms can be used anywhere and everywhere in the U.S. on any carrier on iOS 10+

- emCall requires a monthly subscription service
- Learn more at