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by AwayUp
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by AwayUp
Bib+ is the only simple and effective application that allows you to track the taking of your child's bottles.

If you are like me and you spend your days and evenings looking for the time when your child took his last bottle, this application is made for you!

If you can't be woken up at night by your partner to ask you what time he took his bottle, this application is also made for you!

Bib+ allows you to enter your child's bottle outlets. So you record the quantity and time of the bottle. Automatically, you will be alerted at the time of the next bottle.

This application also allows you to share your child's list so that other users can also add new entries. Thus, your spouse will also have the time of the last bottle on his application!
Another example: tell your nanny to use the application, you will be alerted when it gives your child the bottle!

As you can understand, this application was developed by a father, head in the air, to simplify his life. We are always listening to all your comments to make the application evolve.

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