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Sensatio Monitor ESP32/8266

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Sensatio Monitor ESP32/8266

Build your first DiY project with the help of the Sensatio Monitor App, or use the advantages of the platform for your own project. Use as base the ESP32, ESP8266, ESP-12e, ESP-12f, ESP-12s, ESP07, NodeMCU, WeMos D1 Mini and much more. Soon also Arduino Uno!

The Sensatio Monitor App offers:
- Several DiY tutorials incl. parts lists in different levels of difficulty
- Support for many sensors for temperature, humidity and more such as DHT-11, DHT-22, DS18B20, BME280, BMP280, BME680, PT100, PT1000, MAX44009, BH1750, SI1145, VEML6075, capacitive moisture sensors and more.
- Configure your electronics ideally for your requirements - without any programming knowledge!
- Configure the app ideal for the requirements of your own project
- Access to real-time and historical data of your sensors.
- Use your individual electronics project with IFTTT - without programming!
- Dark Mode!
- much more in the near future
- Apple Watch Support!

- NEW: Define rules (upper limit, lower limit, failure) for automated push notifications!
- NEW: MQTT integration (connect your sensors to your personal MQTT broker)

The Sensatio Monitor App now also supports the power saving mode, i.e. your electronics can now run on batteries for several months! More information can be found on the Sensatio website and in the manuals!

Sensatio Monitor is a Freemium App. You can use it for one project (i.e. one bridge with sensors) for free, To use additional hardware, you can upgrade the app via a one-time payment per project. The price may vary from country to country.
Sensate Digital Solutions GmbH