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[About this app]
You can view the number of steps, walking distance, and calories burned today or this week.

If you select the data of the core motion sensor on the setting screen, you can display the number of steps in almost real time.

The calories burned are displayed using the active energy of the health app.

You can set a step goal and display the current achievement rate with an indicator.

You can display today's steps and achievement rate against goals as indicators on Apple Watch complications and iPhone widgets.

[Method of operation]
Swipe left or right:
Toggles the display of today's steps, this week's steps, and the number of steps per day in the last week.

Tap the screen:
Switches the display of steps, walking distance, and calories burned.

Setting screen:
You can set goals, indicator display colors, and the first day of the week.
You can choose to get the step count data from the core motion sensor or from the health app.

Core motion sensor; Step count update is almost real time. The number of steps is different between iPhone and Apple Watch.
Health app; Step count updates are not real-time. The number of steps is almost the same for iPhone and Apple Watch.

The number of steps for complications and widgets is updated about every 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the OS specifications.

The number of steps and walking distance are displayed using the data of the core motion sensor or health app.
The display may differ between Apple Watch and iPhone.
Calories burned are displayed using his active energy in the health app.

Settings such as goals may be reset by updating the app.
If it is reset, please reset the settings.

Please be careful when walking while looking at the screen of your Apple Watch or iPhone.
The creator of this app is not responsible for anything that happens using this app.
Tatsuya Hamanishi