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Watch Calendar

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Watch Calendar

Integration features:
- full integration with your phone's calendars and events
- select which phone calendars you want to see on your watch
- define calendar priorities for complications when there's conflict between appointments on different calendars
- next event on Siri watch face

- see next event on select complications on Apple Watch Series 0 to 4 (bezel, corner, rectangular and utilitarian)
- see today's date on select complications on Apple Watch Series 4 (circular)
- see digital clock on dynamic complications

Events list:
- tap the month view to list all your events
- your next event will be displayed by default
- tap an event to see event details

Month scroll:
- scroll through the months with crown or swipe up and down
- force touch on month view to time travel to any month and year, future or past

- all calendar colors (today, event, event today, week day, calendar week, month, year)
- corner, circular and rectangular complications colors
- event list and detail font size
- customize "no more events" message on complications
- customize "no more events" color on corner complication for AW Series 4
- show/hide all day events on complications
- choose when week starts: on Sunday or Monday
- show/hide calendar weeks
- turn on/off haptic feedback while scrolling with crown

Have fun customizing your calendar to your needs!
And you may discover you don't need stock Calendar app anymore...
Marcel Mendes Filho