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Paws Almanac

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Paws Almanac

Paws Almanac is an app for iPhone and Apple Watch showing calendar related information, for instance name days, holidays, flag days and moon phases. Just like an regular almanac.

The iPhone app content is arranged into four tabs: 'Day', 'List', 'World', and 'Settings'.


• Shows calendar information, e.g. name day, flag day, moon phase and week number, for the selected day. Default is current date.
• At the bottom of the page the name's of the next day is shown.


• Shows all days of the year in a list, with basic calendar information such as name day and calendar events.
• Holidays are indicated with a red day number.
• The selected date in 'List', is used as the base date for 'Day' and 'World'.


• Show additional selected almanacs.
• If no additional almanacs are selected, a message informing about 'Settings' is displayed.


• Select main country/region for almanac to show in 'Day', 'List', in the widget and on Apple Watch in the app and complication.
• Additional almanacs for 'World' can be activated using the switches to the right.
• When selecting a country with sub-regions, like Germany or Austria, those are unfolded or folded. Select a sub-region to ensure regional or local holidays are presented in local views ('Day', 'List', in widget and Apple Watch app and complication).

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app lets you show name days and other information in a complication on watch faces. The information shown in the complication varies depending on the selected watch face.

iPhone Widget

Add the widget to your phone, and use it to quickly get basic almanac information at a glance.

Almanacs supported

Paws Almanac supports name days and calendar events for Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. In Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Spain regional and state holidays can also be presented by selecting a sub-region of the country in 'Settings'.
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