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My Lively

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My Lively

Hear your world your way with My Lively™. When paired with Lively hearing aids, My Lively lets you fine-tune your hearing in real-time from your iPhone or iPad. Select from a range of pre-set profiles (restaurant, outdoor, etc.) to quickly adapt to new environments, or create & save your own. Additionally, the app enables Lively audiologists to optimize and upgrade your hearing aids remotely, insuring they’re always performing at peak efficiency. Finally, “Find my hearing aids” functionality and helpful demos and tips make My Lively an indispensable part of your Lively experience.

My Lively features:
• Optimize anywhere with Lively Assist: Quickly request and receive new settings & software updates from a Lively audiologist
• Control the volume of your hearing aids
• Mute your hearing aids
• Stream content and phone calls from your iPhone/iPad
• Adjust the volume streamed of calls/content
• Change manual and streamer programs
• Edit and personalize program names
• Adjust treble, middle and bass tones
• Save your preferred settings and even tag them to a specific location
• Locate lost or misplaced hearing aids

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