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If you keeping a place or store you checked with a TV or magazine, This app is that will notify you when you went nearby.

When I went to a place I usually do not go for travel or business trip, I do not know where I wanted to go is nearby. I didn't know the land, so I didn't notice it and I couldn't go there.

Let's keep the place so that there is no such thing.
If you keep it, you can forget it later!
If you went unknown place, app will notify nearby keeping place.

# Keep place
- Touch and hold the map to register its location
- Information such as tags, notes, and URLs can be registered in places
- Automatically sort areas of registered locations
- Easily search registered locations with region or tag
- Can register media such as magazines and TV where the registration place was introduced

# Notification
- Notice by notification when approaching the registered place (Geofencing function)
- Notification ON / OFF can be set for each place
- Only notification can be set to OFF only today (Skip today function)
- You can set notification ON / OFF for each tag
- Tag ON / OFF can be set from Apple Watch

* Note
- It will not be notified if it is set to Airplane mode.
- Depending on the specification of the location information service, it may not always be notified immediately when you approach the target location
- The place searched by the peripheral search function is not notified

# Navigation
- Show route from current position
- Display function in order of route (Step display function)
- Navigation can be linked with Map App

# Peripheral search
- Search around by designating a category
- Peripheral search range can be changed between 0.5 km and 2.0 km
- Recommend category search range can be changed between 1 km and 100 km

* Note
- Search function is available only in Japan.