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SHRRDDRZ [shred-erz]: a person who shreds mountains by board, skis, bike, or foot.

For biking, running, and endurance sports, SHRRDDRZ gives you the stats, graphs, and maps and 3D Maps breaking down the grueling climbs and the sweet descents and integrates with the Apple Health App.

When you're skiing, snowboarding, or downhill mountain biking, just start SHRRDDRZ and your runs will be tracked while you're out shredding the mountain. At the end of the day, use SHRRDDRZ to check the stats, graphs, and maps to see how steep the runs on the mountain you shredded.

SHRRDDRZ is a community trail system. When you record your biking, hiking, running, and backcountry skiing excursions, you can then save these activities into new trails and build on a community trail information system. Also, if you want to save your own trail network you can.

SHRRDDRZ takes your mountain biking, running, skiing, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, hiking, and cycling to your paired watch on your wrist. SHRRDDRZ works with HealthKit giving you access to heart rate and other health data.

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