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Xül is the rich dice roller, with customizable dice faces that have deep meaning. On top of number faced dice, xül dice can be words, phrases and emojis for faces, which poetically communicate a deeper engagement with the world you are conjuring.

Each dice can have a custom name to fit its particular meaning: Instead of d12, roll your "Mina's Icy Touch Spell Damage" dice.

Custom Combo dice roll any combination of other dice that you select and show the results together in a list. For example, a dice called "Magic Ray Damage" could roll 4 d6s and also roll the "Bonus Effects" dice. (Note the results of each dice are shown individually in a list, they are not added together in this version)

Xül dice can grow and mutate. Add, delete or change faces at any time, and convert between number, word and emoji types. Turn your d20 into a dTWENTY!(๏ 。๏)!

Xül's circular dice spool organizes your dice according to your preferences. Move dice associated with a particular game or exercise and group together into an easily accessible array.

The dice spool has unlimited length! So you can always craft and add new dice for novel situations, and never have to throw away any dice that once rolled well.

Xül's log of roll results lets you scroll through and revisit the turns of fate.

Emoji and word faced dice introduce specific randomness into situations: A fruit emoji dice to decide among snack options. A set of magic creature feature dice to develop an adventure story idea. Craft dice with whatever meanings you like.

Xül Watcher companion app for Apple Watch gives you all your custom dice on your wrist at any TIME:EMIT! (Note: combo dice cannot be shared to the companion Apple Watch app in this version). Xül iPhone app provides a second Xül spool where you can specify which dice are available on each device and how they are organized. Access your most commonly used rolls with just a couple of taps, anytime, right on your wrist.
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