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Remote Walk

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Remote Walk

Get fit walking while exploring famous cities virtually! Remote Walk provides a great fitness experience by allowing you to walk in different cities from the comfort of your local neighborhood routes.

Walking is an excellent way to get in shape both mentally and physically. With Remote Walk, you can make this fun and have the motivation to walk more!

While you are walking outside on your routine walking routes, Remote Walk tracks your distance traveled and translates it to the virtual route. It gives you the experience of actually walking in the selected city! The app also provides exercise statistics including distance, speed, calories and steps -- including keeping a history of your walks.

You can use the app in GPS mode where it will let you know in real-time as you pass virtual landmarks in the routes. The passed landmarks will be spoken to you, and mixed with any current music you are playing on your phone. So don't forget to wear your headphones. This mode is great for dedicated exercise walks outside.

Or you can put the app in Steps mode to track your progress throughout the day using your steps. Also with this you can walk indoors or on a treadmill if you want -- all while using little phone power.

The more you walk, the more landmarks you pass, and the more exercise you get.

Features include:

- Ability to view your position on the virtual map using google maps view. When you move locally, you see your position progress on the route map.
- Ability to see street view of your virtual route that updates in real-time as you walk to make you feel like you are there. You can look around the street view using standard gestures.
- Routes have various landmarks. As you pass them, they are announced via audio, and you also get notifications on your phone/watch.
- A landmark view is available where you can see information on all the landmarks you passed as well as the ability to jump to a Wikipedia entry of the landmark as well as see a 360 panoramic view of the site using Google maps technology.
- A real-time exercise statistics page where you can see your current walking statistics like steps count, distance, and time.
- Ability to save your walks and view history
- Interesting routes and landmarks
- 3 free routes, in famous areas of Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans(full features for those routes)
- A one-time premium upgrade gives you all routes with no ads!
- Additional premium routes include Boston, London, Paris, Helsinki, Kyiv, Berlin, Destin, Portland ME, Washington DC, Atlanta, Hawaii, Istanbul, Dublin, and more, with more to be added!

No sign-in or subscription required!

Note that the default mode is to use GPS to mirror your route to the virtual route, so you must be walking outside and actually moving! There are also steps and timer modes where you can use the app while on a treadmill. See More->Settings to change the tracking mode.

Remote Walk also runs on Apple Watch, where it tracks through the virtual route based on your steps as measured by the watch. This Watch app is independent of the iPhone app, and is for times when you would rather just see your progress on the virtual route on your wrist. It will only run on Series 3 or later, as well as SE Apple Watches that have Watch OS v7+ installed.
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