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Race Lap

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Race Lap

Augmented reality racing companion: you can record video with overlay meters.
- Aircraft
- Sport Cars

Supported indicators:
- Drifting pitch with real time angular: how much can you drift?
- G-Force meter: how much your car can accelerate 0-100Km/h
- Track recorder: draw the track map with acceleration and brake
- Auto LAP: each lap is automatically countered using the same starting position
- Audio recording
- Multiple screen available: scroll down
- Sensor Picker: more than 20 sensors
- ODB2 Bluetooth and Wifi connector
- Many different themes
- Support for 3 main automotive: Motorbike, Sport Car, Offroad SUV 4WD
- CSV Export: anything is recorded into common comma separated values file format
- Bluetooth BLE Heart Rate
- Aircraft EFIS
- GoPro WiFi
- FILE Export feature from iPhone
- Video and Audio Recording
- Airacraft VRO position for EFIS
- Pilot name configurable
- Apple Watch
- Replay of recorded session
- Analysis chart analysis integrated with Video Player: zoom up to 20Hz

You can export any data using iTunes Document sharing and CSV import tool

You can enable or disable the augmented reality overlay
You can customize the wallpaper displayed