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Woza panic button app

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Woza panic button app

A panic button app for community organisations across South Africa. A panic button app which is endorsed and promoted by local residents associations wishing to 'arm' their residents with the ability to get help fast in any emergency.

The residents associations receive a 20% rebate per monthly subscription to be invested back into the community.

Uniquely, the app can be activated with a hard shake of the phone.It also app has two panic buttons; one for the resident's OWN security company and the other for use ANYWHERE in South Africa.

@HOME panic button.
Tapping the @Home panic button triggers a phone call to your private security company. It also triggers sms notification messages to up to 5 cellphone numbers specified by the User, including a google map showing the User's exact location.

Away from the home.
A security network of +82 PSIRA-registered security companies are standing by across SA to respond to panic alerts triggered by users. There are currently in excess of 1,200 armed Responders.

In an emergency anywhere in South Africa:
1. Shake your phone (no fumbling to find the app; just shake your phone).
2. The nearest Responder is alerted,responds to your exact location.
3. See the Responder coming on your app: uber-smart!

Other features include:
- Get suspicious vehicle reports by simply submitting the vehicle's registration number.
- Add Alerts, lookouts and reports of suspicious activities in your suburb. Can be shared with local app users who opt in to receiv these crime alerts.
- View/Receive Alerts; opt in to receive alerts within x kilometres of your home and view all alerts on a google map.
- Follow Me; location is recorded in the background.
- Record audio; activate phone to record audio to be retrieved and listened to later.
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